Whale Watching Tours Margaret River: Things To Consider When Planning Whale Watching

Whale watching tours Margaret River are among the area’s major tourist attractions, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these majestic creatures up close.

Would you like to receive additional information regarding whale watching tours in Margaret River? This article will discuss how enjoyable whale watching is and how these aquatic mammals never fail to amaze thousands of people. It will also tackle, in addition, the lovely wine tours in Margaret River.

Whale Watching Tours: What Are They?

Whale watching tours Margaret River are organised excursions that allow guests to see whales in their habitat. These tours are typically available in places where whales eat or migrate. You can take them on kayaks, boats, or yachts. Depending on the location and time of year, tourists may be able to see grey whales, blue whales, orcas, or humpback whales throughout the tour.

Furthermore, whale-watching tours are popular with tourists in many coastal places around the globe. The main reason is that these tours provide a rare opportunity to see these incredible animals close-up while gaining knowledge about how they behave and their habitats from knowledgeable guides.

Where Are The Best Spots For  Whale Watching Tours Margaret River?

The most spectacular places to see orcas in Margaret River are oftentimes along the coast, particularly at elevated overlooks like Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Flinders Bay, and Point Piquet. Additionally, tours for Whale Watching Margaret River offer cruises from the Augusta Boat Harbour, allowing visitors to see whales up close. However, since they’re wild creatures, sightings are not assured and may be altered by weather conditions and other circumstances.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Whale Watching In Margaret River?

If you plan on going whale watching in Margaret River, you should consider booking trips between June to December. During this time, whales migrate from the Antarctic waters to the Western Australia coast where water is warmer. This is where they do their mating, feeding, and nursing of their youngs. Furthermore, whale viewing is most popular between the months of September and November. During these months, they are more visible.

What Types Of Whales Can Be Seen In Margaret River?

A broad assortment of spectacular whale species can be seen throughout the year in Margaret River’s coastal waters. The legendary humpback whales, noted for their acrobatic breaches and weeping musical melodies that resound throughout the ocean, are among these awe-inspiring species. Their enormous stature and lively personality make their encounters with the tourists enthralling.

Moreover, there are also the beautiful southern right whales, displaying their exquisite motions and characteristic callosities on the tops of their heads. These gentle giants frequently visit the region’s bays and inlets to calve and nurse their young, offering viewers a spectacular display.

In rare instances, lucky spectators may even catch a glimpse of the beautiful blue whales, the world’s largest creatures. The sight of their enormous size and ethereal blue-grey colouration is simply breathtaking. A whale-watching expedition becomes an amazing experience when set against the lovely backdrop of Margaret River’s gorgeous coastline, allowing visitors to observe the exquisite beauty of these great underwater creatures in their natural home.

How Long Does A Typical Whale-Watching Tour Last In Margaret River?

The total duration of the usual whale-watching cruise in Margaret River will vary depending on who the tour operator is and what the weather conditions on the excursion day. These tours typically take between 2 and 3 hours. However, it is crucial to remember that factors such as the distance travelled to reach the whale viewing sites, the time spent searching for and observing whales, and any other activities or stops included in the tour program can all impact the length. It is best to verify with the tour operator beforehand to ensure you have appropriate information about the duration of the whale-watching tour you intend to join.

What Are The Things You Shouldn’t Do While Watching?

Watchers with the best of intentions are prone to the risks of accidentally disturbing marine creatures. By using binoculars ethically and securely, you can prevent them from being intrusive or intimidating by following these steps:

  • Don’t float, dive, or converse with the whales.
  • Don’t move, surround them, or tempt them to move.
  • Don’t quickly alter your course or position your watercraft in their route.
  • Don’t get between the marine species and a calf or isolate it from its group.
  • Don’t trap one or more marine mammals between a boat and the shore or between a boat and other boats.


Whale watching tours Margaret River offers an extraordinary experience that brings you face-to-face with the captivating world of these magnificent marine creatures. Imagine being surrounded by the ocean’s vastness as you witness the awe-inspiring sight of humpback whales breaching and playing in their natural habitat. The tours, guided by knowledgeable experts, ensure a safe and responsible encounter with the gentle giants, providing valuable insights into their behavior and conservation efforts. As you cruise along the pristine waters of Margaret River, the excitement of spotting whales and other marine life fills the air, creating a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Moreover, adding to the allure of Margaret River is its renowned wine region, offering a delightful contrast to the marine adventure. After an exhilarating whale watching tour, embark on wine tours in Margaret River to explore the vineyards and wineries that have made this region famous. Sip on the finest wines crafted with passion and expertise, paired with delectable local cuisine that complements the flavors perfectly. The picturesque landscapes of vineyards against the backdrop of rolling hills create a serene and relaxing ambiance, making the wine tours a sensory delight.

Furthermore, combining the thrill of whale watching with the indulgence of wine tasting, Margaret River offers an unforgettable experience that leaves visitors with cherished memories and a deeper connection to the natural wonders of Western Australia.