Top Tips For Making A Bedroom Look Bigger

In recent years more people have been spending more time in their homes and this has resulted in many people sprucing up their homes. If you are late to this, well at least you have time to do it now. One struggle that is apparent is many people have very small bedrooms where they simply can’t fit all their things in there. This is completely due to the fact that people don’t think outside the box for their storage solutions. In this article, we will go through some of the best tips for making a bedroom look bigger.

Use Vertical Space

When decorating a small bedroom, the best way to make it look larger is by using all the space you have, this includes the wall and ceiling. Although you may not have any floor space, you can certainly make use of the walls with shelving units etc. This helps to draw the eye up rather than down which then makes the room feel larger. Built-in shelving units can help store your things like books or personal items. They are a great way of adding some storage to any space. Although these aren’t available for everyone you could opt for a tall headboard or hang wall art to add the same effect.

Choose Furniture With Legs

Furniture with legs creates an airy space as it allows you to see more floor space. Not everything needs legs, but it is definitely worth choosing one piece that has some legs. Whether this is your dresser, nightstand or your bed, it will create the feeling of a larger bedroom. If you have a bed with legs, you can also put things under it in boxes such as your weighted blankets. It is also best to have fitted bed sheets rather than anything draping over the bed as this will make the bed look a better suit for the room. Remember, the more floor and wall space, the larger the room looks.

Use Sconces By The Bed

Rather than taking up all your space on your bedside table with a table lamp, why not opt for sconces above and to the side of your new headboard. Most of these need installation, but you can find self-adhesive or plug-in sconces which look the same. Sconces help to draw the eye upwards ensuring the view feels larger than it actually is. This also helps to reduce clutter and give a more aesthetic look.

Keep Furniture To Scale

Having a small room doesn’t mean that you have to have furniture for children, but it does mean that everything needs to be in scale with each other. If you have space for a king bed but can’t fit anything else in the room, then this is of course too big. Appropriate sizes of furnishing really do create the most impact as it allows to have more items in the room without it looking cluttered. Instead of a large king bed, opt for a double so you can have bedside cabinets on either side so you have some sort of storage space for your phone, watch and jewellery.