These Home Remodels Add the Most Value

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You might not be looking to sell at this time but if you have been even casually paying attention to the housing market over the past couple of years, it might have you asking yourself “What is my home worth?” Afterall, sooner or later, there will come a day when you are finally looking to sell.

So when that day comes, how do you make sure you’re getting the highest offer possible on your house? A remodel might just be the ticket to increasing the value of your home. If you aren’t sure where to start with a project like that, here’s a few ideas which might just net you the most value. 

Add A Kitchen Backsplash

From something minor to making it feel like a brand new kitchen, doing some repairs and updates there is something that’s going to make each day that little bit nicer and also get you (at least close) to your money back when the time comes to sell the place. 

You’ll have plenty of options here, from things anyone would feel comfortable doing to larger jobs that might make you want to call in the professionals. Something as simple as adding a backsplash can be done in a weekend and is sure to make it feel new to you and captivating to any potential future buyers. 

Upgrade The Lighting

Even with just staying in the scope of the kitchen, adding in better lighting can make you more comfortable and add a sure pop when it comes time for new owners. When you think about all the time you and your family are spending in the kitchen, a lot of it might not revolve around food. 

You or your child might use the table as a work/school from home space, or even as a space to entertain guests when food isn’t even  part of the evening. Adding in some great lights with dimmer settings might just be the perfect addition in making your kitchen into a beter version of the all-purpose room that its already turned into. You’ll have brights to help with cooking and lower lights for you and your favorite people are gathered around for a few rounds of cards. 

Consider A First Impression

Before anyone even walks into your home to see if it’s what they’d want, they are going to park outside of it. An obvious take, I know, but realize how important this is. If they aren’t impressed with the landscape or the contion of the siding, for example, they might quickly not able to see themselves in the home as it’s new owner.

Putting in the time and effort to add in some shrubs and flowers outside the home is sure to make the rest of your time more pleasurable and if done well, it is sure to get you the money back and then some on top of that.

Keep the walkways clean as well. A powerwasher will do you wonders for this. You can grab one yourself or hire a professional to spend a day cleaning things up. Regardless of how it gets done, it is a sure way to have people hoping you’ll list your home soon.

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