Sheds in Perth: Things to Think About Before Building a Shed

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Whether you’re a homeowner in need of additional storage or a contractor in need of a workshop, let the team of specialists build the ideal shed for you. Installing rural sheds allows you to keep your home and yard supplies accessible and organised while freeing up automobile garage space. However, you could be pleasantly surprised by the options available when finishing this home renovation. Some crucial aspects must be considered before building sheds in Perth.

Things to Think About Before Building a Shed

Before investing money or starting work on a shed project, some factors must be considered.


Building sheds in Perth need additional legal red tape, mainly if they are less than 10 square metres (anything more significant requires a building permit). Behind the setback lines, a building that complies with the Australian Building Code’s fire safety requirements must be built.

Additional considerations are the shed’s sturdy construction, ground anchoring, and height limit of 2.4 metres above the natural ground level. If you hire an expert to construct your project, they will likely assist you in obtaining a licence if you’re making a bigger model.


Anything you wish to store in your shed will significantly impact this. It would be sufficient to utilise a smaller one, such as a 32-metre building, to keep a lawnmower and a few motorcycles. Let’s assume you want a storage shed because you need it to store a motorised lawn mower, a barbeque, several tools, or even more significant items. Your shed could be explicitly designed to fit your needs in size and form.


Sheds are made of a variety of conventional materials, such as:

Resin: This strong plastic is well-liked for its portability, resistance to rust, dents, and cracking, and attractive appearance. If you want to build your storage sheds in Perth from a kit, resin is an excellent choice since it’s easy to work with.

Timber: Traditionally, treated cedar has been used to create outbuildings. Even though it will cost you more than the other materials, it is also beautiful and strong.

Steel: This strong steel is the most often used of all combinations due to its low cost, durability, and various colour and size options.


Your shed’s location will significantly influence the kind of roof you select. No matter where you are, having a variety of viewpoints is advantageous.

Skillion: If your shed is next to a home wall, the roof’s slight slope offers several advantages. The slopes provide access to a higher area within the building for storing long, substantial goods while preventing water from draining against the house wall.

Flat: Shorter constructions that fit beneath the eaves of the home function well with this roof. If there is limited exposure to the outside, keep things on top.

Gabled: Because of the peaked appearance, this is the finest option for a building if you want to spend a lot of time exploring. It is more suitable for sheds exposed to the weather since runoff water won’t be an issue.

Design and Appearance Overall

The sheds in Perth are now an essential part of the property and must enhance and complement the existing house and yard. You may add the storage you need without losing the appearance and attractiveness you’ve always prized by using custom choices to make a shed that fits in with its surroundings.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Most people believe building sheds in Perth is an easy DIY undertaking; however, this is only sometimes the case. The structure’s scale, the environmental factors it must withstand, and your degree of experience must all be considered. Think about hiring a professional to do your job. If this is the case, not only will you be sure that everything has been done correctly, but guarantees will also protect you if anything goes wrong in the future—something you won’t get if you do it yourself.

Check for Issues in the Area Near the Construction Site

When constructing sheds, keep an eye out for any potential issues near the location you’ve selected. Whether your yard is filled with trees or not, check whether any branches or leaves might break and harm your roof or foundation. Tree roots may also be a problem. If the shed doesn’t fit, think about cutting down a tree. Ensure the area you are building is level and has enough drainage. You wish to prevent water from accumulating around your shed due to poor drainage.

Understand the Australian Building Codes

If you want to choose sheds in Perth, ensure you know the Australian building classifications and rules. Some areas, such as bedrooms and kitchens, will alter the character of the building and need additional approvals before construction can start. You must get the necessary authorisation to construct any place that might make the sheds functional to avoid incurring hefty penalties.


Sheds in Perth are a great substitute if you need a place to unwind and recharge, want to improve your concentration, want to make your house safer for your loved ones, or want to increase the security of your property. What more do you need to wait for? You may construct your own rural sheds as well. Would you want it to serve as a space for parking your car, a playground for your kids, an office, a personal gym, or just a place to store your bicycles, toys, and other belongings? You may choose from a wide variety of storage options, from affordable to carefully designed flexible storage solutions that fit your needs.

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