How To Fit An Integrated Wine Fridge?

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Assume you’re looking for strategies to maximise your kitchen space. Furthermore, custom integrated wine fridges are seamless and provide ample storage space for your wine collection. When selecting an integrated wine fridge, many aspects must be considered, including the brand, the size and design elements you choose, and the amount of wine you need to store. You should also decide which winemaking brand, such as Bodega43 wine fridges, you want to buy from and where to install the integrated wine fridge. Furthermore, online stores and brands provide a broad selection of honest customer reviews to assist others in learning more about various online wine fridge businesses and their products and services.

Purchase An Integrated Wine Fridge

If you want to put your integrated wine fridge beneath your counter, seek a type that states you can use it as integrated since the front of these integrated wine fridges include grills to vent the warm air created by the compressor. Furthermore, thermoelectric wine fridges require more air circulation and cannot be installed beneath a counter. On the other hand, compressor wine fridges are more efficient since they can easily maintain any temperature you want, as opposed to thermoelectric refrigerators, which can only chill to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient room temperature. Moreover, you may choose between single and multiple zone wine fridges according to the amount of wine storage you require.

Choose A Practical Location

Many people put their wine in their kitchen because they keep all of their food and drink. Similarly, if you wish to extend your kitchen island into a kitchen cabinet, this may be the ideal spot for your integrated wine fridge. However, you may have more placement options than you think. Furthermore, because an integrated wine fridge does not require a water connection, you may set it wherever in your home. Likewise, if your living room already has storage or a home bar, your integrated wine fridge may fit beneath an existing countertop or a home bar if that is where you spend most of your fun time. Moreover, dining rooms are excellent places to store a few wine bottles close at hand, whether behind a bar or in a cabinet that doubles as a serving area. Finally, you should constantly consider temperature, ventilation, and light exposure regardless of where you are.

Make Sure You Have A Power Source

What will you use to power your integrated wine fridge? If you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby, you should hire an electrician to install one. However, most appliance manufacturers recommend against using extension wires. Instead, your outlet should have ground protection and keep the cord out of the path for safety.

Preparing The Space and Placing The Wine Fridge

Another consideration when installing an integrated wine fridge is the floor surface and ensuring that your under-counter area is large enough to accommodate your integrated wine fridge. Cover the carpeted space with a plastic or metal tray if the floor is carpeted. While it is unlikely that any integrated wine fridge would leak, some condensation may occur. However, you need to avoid mould forming beneath your fridge at all costs. Furthermore, do not plug in your integrated wine fridge right away once placed and levelled. Instead, turn it off for 2 to 3 hours before turning it back on. Finally, after your integrated wine fridge is in its chosen stable place, you may enjoy the benefits of owning one.

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