Berita Otomotif Mobil Motor Terbaru Hari Ini Kompas Com

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Last year’s manufacturing was estimated at 15.6 million items Auto News, whereas the 2021 low was 12.9 million.

  • If you might have never bid for a quantity yourself, check out our step-by-step guide on how to navigate JPJ eBid and the strategies needed to get your preferred quantity at “retail price”.
  • The automotive sector saw a large impact due to the ongoing problems with finding uncooked supplies for automotive microchips.
  • In a bid to create consciousness about road security, the government is aiming to make statistics on deadly street accidents out there day by day to the basic public.
  • Malaysian choose to commute by private autos and like their vehicles as a result of limited and inefficient public transportation companies, stated Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia highway and visitors security psychologist professor Rozmi Ismail.

We look at the alternatives for Canadian Car of the Year and ponder if a BMW M5 Wagon may ever arrive on our shores. With electrical, the engineers have to work extra to make the system work collectively. “Hydrogen is for people who can’t construct engines,” or something like that. It’s robust to inform if Enzo might be in any means displeased with an inline-six, twin-turbo, and supercharged hydrogen engine.

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